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Take the Sideline Project Pledge Now

Watch the important 2 minute educational video, read the Pledge, and then agree to it by submitting your First Name and State or Country. Your name will be added to the list below in a few seconds upon refresh of your computer.

Youth sports belongs to the players.

I pledge to honor the youth sports experience of the players with supportive, not distracting, behavior.

I pledge to eliminate hostile behavior targeted towards players, coaches, parents, and most notably referees.

I pledge to honor players, to respect referees, and to Make Youth Sports Better.

The Sideline Project Pledge is free for parents and coaches: Take the Sideline Pledge, try the Pre-Game Huddle - all for free. Want to do more?  Take the 15 minute The Sideline Project course for $4.99.  

If you are a club, league or organization that wants to get involved in the movement to Make Youth Sports Better by offering the course to your parents and coaches, sharing The Sideline Project logo, purchasing field signage, and other benefits -  check out our Bulk Purchase page to learn more.