Return to Good Standing

One of the greatest problems we face in youth sports is the behavior of spectators and coaches during competitions. Players deserve a sporting experience that is free of hostile behavior and leaves them feeling inspired.

In this 60 minute course we discuss:

  • Why youth sports can be stressful for spectators and coaches
  • How adults should be showing up for the players
  • The role of referees and officials, parents, and coaches in youth sports
  • How adults should encourage players to "Respect the Game"
  • De-Escalation best practices

About the presenter

Return to Good Standing is presented by Skye Eddy - a career coach, highly sought after coach and parent educator, former professional, collegiate and State Champion athlete, and sports parent. Skye holds her United States Soccer Federation “B” and "Grassroots Instructors" Licenses and has coached at all levels of sport from U-5 to collegiately and with our National Teams. Skye is a regular guest on podcasts and radio shows, and her work has been sighted in multiple national publications and books.

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