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The team The Sideline Project has spent the last 10 years studying youth sports and working with parents, coaches, club leaders, and officials to understand the challenges faced by youth sports clubs. Combined with our passion for improving youth sports and our mission to make them better, we have turned what we've learned about sideline behavior into two simple, accessible courses:  

Course - The Sideline Project

The Sideline Project

A 15 minute course for level-headed youth sports parents and coaches interested in learning more about what we can all do to improve the sidelines - This Course is designed to give you added perspective and understanding about sideline behavior.

Course - Return to Good Standing

Return to Good Standing

This 60 minute course addresses negative behavior in youth sports, emphasizing a supportive environment for players. It explores stressors for adults, the roles of referees, parents, and coaches, and offers de-escalation techniques. The course encourages reflective learning.